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About Us

At Synergy Racing Academy we specialize in Motorcycle Rider training

Our aim is to share our wealth of Rider Training knowledge with riders of all levels, with our courses that not only cover Beginner, Inter mediate and advanced rider training, but K53 License Preparation as well.

With more than 16 years of training knowledge we have a proven program that works and can train even the most inexperienced riders the correct and safest way of riding a motorcycle.

Combine this with our dedicated training area and our certified instructors and you will experience Rider Training on a whole new level matched only by world class Motorcycle training facilities.

Our Rider training programs are not only for beginners, the Intermediate and advanced programs enhance the skills of seasoned riders up to the level of experiencing what riding a race track is all about.

Training for your K53 license on our dedicated K53 License track, provides you with the exact experience you will have whilst doing the actual Motorcycle license test, and with a 97% pass rate you are assured of the correct Rider Training.

Please have a look at our course layout pages , you will find more on info on our Rider Training Courses there.