Hi all,

This is the first from hopefully many blogs.

We are a Motorcycle Rider Academy and provide various training courses – From Beginner to Dynamic Rider Training.

We pride ourselves on great training from amazing instructors, efficient and friendly service, and always keeping your best interest and safety our first priority.

I am a total amateur when it comes to blogging, however I can only get better.

Hopefully this blog will reach many people that have questions on motorcycle riding and training and safety.

Here we will discuss and share information to benefit to the safety of all riders – old and new, experienced and inexperienced.

Too many people lose their lives daily, and yes it is not always their fault, but you never know it all, there is always room for improvement  or letting go of old bad habits.

So, ask your questions and let’s all work together to make biking safer for all


Happy evening all

Love and Respect

Team Synergy