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Beginner rider training

The course provides an invaluable foundation and every step has a specific purpose to help you learn the correct motorcycle riding techniques.

It is specifically designed to enhance your skill level according to your own personal requirements and current riding level.

Training outlines the physical, mental, technical and natural riding ability criteria that we all need in order to get safely from point A to point B.

Course consists of 20 % theory and 80% practical training with a success rate of over 98 % throughout the last 12 years.

The Course

Designed to focus on new riders or those who have not been riding for some time and require a refresher.

The course is an easy step by step designed system to train new riders the correct way of handling a motorcycle from the beginning. We start off with the very basics and progress through the day until the students can ride on their own.

We focus on all elements of riding:


  • Starting with the absolute basics, pulling away and changing gears.
  • Cornering is a very important element with techniques that vary from low to high speed corners.
  • We have perfected the “formula” to help you take corners with confidence when you apply the techniques correctly and efficiently.
  • Control of your motorcycle: being able to stop or apply the brakes correctly in different road conditions and/or various circumstances.
  • Understanding how your brakes work and when you are required to use which brake and when to use it.
  • Inclines: we provide the correct techniques to assist you with incline starts as this will also be required of you for your k-53 Licence exam.

All training is done at our dedicated training track at Eco Park Boulevard Centurion. We provide a safe enclosed training area where students can focus on the course at hand without the concern of distracting external factors.

Each course element is discussed and explained before practical implementation by the students, so they understand all safety related issues and the important factors of the exercise at hand.