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Cornering Course

The Cornering Master course will cover some of the basic cornering steps from the beginner’s course during the first hour with a strong focus on the important factors that affect cornering. This will then be applied practically on the Dynamic ride and handling, Mountain Pass and High speed oval track at Gerotek. This facility is rated as one of the best facilities in Africa.

The Cornering Master course is definitely recommended for anyone who needs to build their confidence in approaching corner, taking the cornering and existing a corner on his /her motorcycle whilst being exposed to different types of surfaces and road conditions in a controlled and safe environme nt at the type of speeds travelled daily.

The kind of experience that you will gain from this course, could take you between 1 to 3 years to learn on your own. Join us and have fun while learning.

  • Opening (covering some basic cornering steps as a refresher / guideline for all)
  • How to enter and exit a corner (uphill & downhill)
  • Mountain Pass riding (cornering and gearing)
  • Dynamic ride and handling (how to approach level corner, entrance, apex and exit)
  • Understanding and implementing the concept of counter steer (if necessary)
  • Pillion riding techniques (discussion)
  • High speed oval
  • Body and head position guidelines and application.

Coffee and muffins at reception, the venue, instructor, and excellent cornering training skills


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