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Intermediate Rider Training

Our ONE DAY Intermediate Road Skill Training course is one of a kind that provides you with necessary skills and techniques to cover all elements that we face on our roads today – all in a safe and controlled environment.

Whether you are seasoned rider, or have just become comfortable with your motorcycle, this course provides you with 2.5 years of road riding experience all n one day. A course that will not only improve your current skills but teach you new valuable skills for safer future riding.

The course takes place at Gerotek a world renowned testing and training facility in Pretoria.

This unique facility allows us the opportunity to assess each individual rider’s skill level and improve it. Spectators are also welcome to join as pillion riders or to maybe just participate in the day’s program by providing support or taking photos and even learning from the group on the day.

Our focus is to assist you in a shorter time frame, to take in the maximum amount of knowledge with the theory and practical training that we provide on how to approach and handle these different road surfaces & conditions proficiently, to ensure safer and better controlled riding.



Dynamic ride & handling techniques

Slopes & mountain passes

Uneven surfaces (tar to gravel)


Steep inclines & declines

Various other challenging road conditions available to us