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Road Skills Rider Training

The Refresher Course aims to help the rider to re-establish or improve existing skills and become more proficient and confident to handle all kinds of situations that may occur whilst riding in traffic. The student must have a minimum of a learner’s license and use his/her own motorcycle. Safety gear is recommended, including helmet, rider jacket, rider boots and gloves..

The motorcycle has to be roadworthy and will be inspected before the course begins.

The following subjects will be presented and discussed in greater detail:


  • Rider attitude
  • Safety tips for single and group riding
  • General traffic conditions when commuting as well as for leisure purposes, including short trips for a couple of hours and holiday trips of longer distances
  • Rider gear and clothing requirements in general
  • Advice on traffic situations, do’s and don’ts
  • Adverse riding conditions, collision prevention
  • State of mind
  • Bad habits
  • Taking control


Track Days

Intermediate Road Skill

K-53 Motorcycle License

Dynamic Rider Training