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Track Advance Training Course

PLEASE NOTE: This Course is NOT running at the moment.

This course starts off with the absolute basics that you need to learn / improve on with regards to Track riding/racing.  This is most definitely recommended to anyone who has never ridden on a Racetrack before or if he/she needs more confidence for riding on the track.

If you want more advanced (Racing) training, kindly specify this on your entry form for a specialized training program.  Also note that mastering some of these steps may require more than one training day (Depending on Student Ability).  Our basic course outline is structured around the following steps, but will be personalized for each individual.

  • Rider safety gear
  • Technical outline of motorcycle (bike setup for weight and size)
  • Correct body position on the bike
  • Braking (How to use front and rear brakes)
  • Braking (Where to apply brakes for different corners)
  • Throttle (How to use your throttle to the maximum where possible)
  • Corning (The quickest line through slow and fast corners)
  • How to use your vision to improve your lap times
  • Putting it all together

Practical training and demonstrations where necessary. Certificate issued on request.


Track Days

Intermediate Road Skill Training

Intermediate Road Skill Training