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Track Rider Training

You don’t have to be a racer, or even consider racing to do a Track or Advanced Training course with us – you just need to bring your own motorcycle. No rentals available for track days. You need to specify what type of motorcycle you are on before we confirm the course.

We highly recommend this course to everyone because it is a good starting point for entry level, intermediate and advance riders to practice and improve personal skill riding levels in a controlled environment.
We have a 100% success rate on the track
Keep practicing what you’ve learned until it becomes second nature.

Track riding or racing is one of the most challenging and most exciting types of courses you can attend.

You will constantly find yourself wanting to do better and learn more and lean more.

The environment is predictable enough so that you can spend your energy and time on improving your own input.

Experience and knowledge is ultimately the best way to avoid unnecessary incidents, but also to enjoy the full potential of your motorcycle!


Big emphasis on cornering

Your throttle control

Your body position

Braking techniques